LogiTRACE 14.2

Designs, models, and edits sheet metal structures
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Create and modify projects for engineering, piping ventilation, and general sheet metal work by simulating objects and structures in the suite processing the input data to generate models with 3D view options. Template modules are available along with Combi-Contour and Combi-Figure tools for custom creation.

LogiTRACE is a great tool for engineering, piping ventilation and general sheet metal work. It is easy to use because you see your entered data, 3D view and the unfolded part at once and at the same time. Create own modules with Combi-Contour and Combi-Figure. With Combi-Contour it is possible to create you own modules. With help of the mouse each part can be easily positioned. Also the 3D views help you to do that and much more.

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